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The Rosart Project

Story of a typeface revival. And a beautiful site.

Podcast for Type Nerds

From The League of Moveable Type

Letterform Archive

Wonderful new additions to Letterform Archive

My fav Instagram


Delicious fonts

Chocolate letters that will perhaps one day be a layered font?


Wilmer, a multilayered 3D ornamented type family.


New type by Alexander Wright for In-House International. Meet Ragtag.

Lego Gutenberg

Getting to the pressing matter at hand. via

Regular Solids

Wenzel Amnitzer, Perspectiva Corporum Regularium, 1586. Via PS Archive

Jeu de tarot

Wonderful designs for tarot cards. 1927.

Arrow Type

Adjusting the S. Via Twitter

Primary Sources

A Natural History of the Artist’s Palette by Philip Ball. Public Domain Review

She Designs Books

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Typography: A Very Short Introduction

Paul Luna, author talks.

New Beginnings for TDC

The TDC is merging with The One Club for Creativity.