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All you want for Christmas is…

Typographic Firsts

ILT’s Favorite Fonts

ILT’s annual Favorite Fonts is back! My list of 2020’s best typefaces will launch in the ILT newsletter on January 12. Sign up to the newsletter. And recommend…

Learn to make fonts

A new online course from Dan Cederholm

Who is Jaroslav Benda?

Rediscovering a long-lost master designer

Gemma O’Brien

…speaks to Debbie Millman.

The Story of Swear

with James Edmondson

Gimlet x-ray

What goes on inside a variable font

Gifts for Designers

ILT’s annual gift list for designers and font people.


By Ethan Cohen

Free NASA posters

High-res space-themed posters. Download, print, frame!


Instant Lettering, a Letraset Database

Trek Typography

The typography of Star Trek

New Foundry

New font foundry from Dr. Nadine Chahine.

Match the fonts!

Fake news, fake fonts.

Designing Fonts

A new book from Chris Campe & Ulrike Rausch