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Arrow Type

Adjusting the S. Via Twitter

Primary Sources

A Natural History of the Artist’s Palette by Philip Ball. Public Domain Review

She Designs Books

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Typography: A Very Short Introduction

Paul Luna, author talks.

New Beginnings for TDC

The TDC is merging with The One Club for Creativity.


Simon Frisius, 1605. Schrijfvoorbeeld met het alfabet in vijf regels kapitalen

New-England Primer

Teaching kids in the 1700s: Begin with teaching them they are mortal. “As runs the glass, Man’s life doth pass.” (The New-England Primer, 1754) Source: Free Library of…

Rore Codex

Rore Codex (1559). A beautiful manuscript book at the Bavarian state library.

Tweak Display

Tweak Display designed by Katja Schimmel. Available from Future Fonts


Oggle by Natalie Rauch.

Burning Books

Burning the Books: A History of the Deliberate Destruction of Knowledge By Richard Ovenden From Harvard Uni Press or Amazon

Type Specimens

A good selection of online type specimens and dedicated font mini-sites.

Free font: Birra Lambic

Another quality free front from Darden Studio. Birra Lambic is designed by Vera Evstafieva.

1,000 Book Covers

… from the Arab world.